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tv   Today  NBC  February 10, 2013 8:00am-9:00am EST

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gunfire rings out in the middle of mardy gra in new orleans. four people wounded. police now looking for the shooter. today, sunday, february 10th, 2013. from nbc news, this is "today" with lester holt and erica hill live in studio 1a in rockefeller plaza.
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welcome to "today" on this sunday morning. i'm erica hill. i'm lester holt. the former lapd officer suspected in the killing spree is entering the fourth day after the lapd ordered a review of the case that led to his firing. the chief says he is not doing it to appease the suspected killer. we have the latest for you on the aftermath of the blizzard here in the east. at least 10 people in four states reported dead in connection with that storm. more than 350,000 people across the northeast are still without power this morning. most of them in massachusetts. air travel is starting to pick up. more than 450 flights have been canceled. not nearly as bad as the 2300 that never took off on saturday. we'll go live to one of the nation's busiest airports and check in with al roker in boston in a minute. >> the stars have been ordered to cover up at tonight's grammy's but really, are they going to listen? we'll get some previews and
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predictions? >> a top movie review fires for slamming actress, melissa mccarthy about her weight. did he go too far a few four legged friends are with us, some of the new breeds you will see this year at the westminster dog show.
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good morning. second look. new video emerges of the former las vegas police officer suspected of going on a killing spree as police officials roux he op reopen the case that got him kicked off the alert.
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>> it's from the morning after dorner's alleged killing appears to show him moving items to two trash dumpsters. the sources said they were an ammunition, a gun belt an lapd uniform and a helmet. an auto store manager took them to a police station across the street. >> it was sitting up top. >> the life of monica quan. >> one of the first victims honored before cal state women's basketball game. monica quan was the daughter of a retired lapd captain. transportation security has joined him asking pilots and airports to look ut o for him because he may have had navy
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flight training. they are determined to capture him before he can kill again. we are going to find him. make no mistake. the search for dorner continues. more than 50 families named remain under police protection. lester? >> john yang, thanks. >> now, here is erica. >> turning on to the aftermath of a huge blizzard here in the northeast, the cleanup and the travel nightmare. we have two reports this morning. with we begin with al roker in hard-hit boston. al, good morning. >> erica, good morning to you. things have finally calmed down. the winds have died down. it is really a winter wonderland now. the work of cleanup goes on while this storm system didn't reach all the height that it might have as far as snowfall right here in boston. it still did dump 21.8 inches of
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snow, good enough for number five on the record books. this is going to be one people will be talking about for years. >> it's day two without power for hundreds of thousands across the northeast. >> we are working pretty hard. >> dipping to the single digits overnights, repairs can't come fast enough. >> i would like it to happen now. i understand it is going to take some time. >> for others, it is all about digging. digging and more digging. the northeast still buried under three feet of snow in some spots. >> it is horrible. >> truthfully, i have not seen this much snowfall in years. >> the snow fell so fast and so intense at the height of the storm, connecticut police say they were receiving about 1600 calls per hour. storm surges causing flooding. among the deaths being blamed on the storm, an 11-year-old boy
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who succumbed to carbon monoxide poisoning when his car put him inside an idling car to keep warm. others taking advantage of parks. >> it is so far great, we have power and penlenty of nachos an pizza. >> the storm being its own segment of tweets becoming videos and absurdity of it all. >> lester, we have another winter storm coming in here in the next 24 hours. this time, it is going to bring an icy mix of freezing rain and sleet. it is going to cause problems. there is already heavy snow on roofs throughout the region and adding to that, more moisture could mean for disasters. the roof collapses and big problems. >> lester? >> al, bill karins will be along at the moment with the complete
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forecast. no matter where you live, it could have a big impact on your travel plans. >> reporter: good morning, lester. for the first time, air travel is getting back to normal here at laguardia. only a couple of cancellations. that's good news for travelers. it has been a tough wait and a tough ride for travelers frozen in time. the monster storm and blizzard literally stopped vehicles in their tracks. >> i got stopped on the 495 all over the place. >> reporter: along the long island expressway and ramps, frustration and a trail of scattered vehicles. some remain stuck and abandoned in drifts. >> how do i get out of this mess? >> reporter: dozens of drivers had to be rescued after spending part or all night in bone-chilling temperatures. in connecticut and rhode island, roads are finally open this morning after crews plowed the 30 plus inches of snowfall.
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>> we've had no snow for multiple years so everybody forgot how to drive in it. now, we get it and nobody know how to drive or manage it. >> reporter: in boston, public transportation was put on hold until tomorrow. >> ideally, we'll be ready by monday morning commute. >> reporter: in hartford, crews cleared snow but so far, amtrak is resuming limited service between new york and boston. meanwhile, it could take days before air travel dpets back to norm many. airlines in the northeast affected by the storm canceled more than 5,000 flights this past week. the bulk, over 3200 were canceled on friday and another 2000 canceled on saturday. connecticut's bradley airport remains closed. boston's logan airport, roux he opened last night. at new york's laguardia, flights slowly resumed on saturday. stranded passengers waited it out as airlines tried to make up for a backlog of grounded flights. >> if we get stuck, we are going
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to go to a hotel and spend the night in new york again and go have fun. >> reporter: late word this morning that bradley international airport in connecticut is open this morning. more good news to add to this. this storm happened during the weekend when travel was a little bit slower. they are hoping to get back to normal tomorrow. >> michelle franzen, thanks. >> a check of some of the morning's other top stories from jenna wolfe. >> hi, everyone. police in new orleans are searching for three people in connection with shooting in the middle of a packed bourbon street. they posted this vehicle showing the okay attchaotic moments bef after. thousands of partyers continued their mardi gras facilities.
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paul bremer, the former u.s. envoy to iraq, laughed after the first shoe was thrown, tried to the catch the second shoe. the man that threw the shoe said he was delivering messages from sa dad hussein and the iraqi people. boeing is hoping to get its troubled 787 dreamliner back in service as soon as possible. checking the plane, all the planes batteries after several problems were reported that month, ultimately grounding the commercial service fleet. a test flight was in the air on saturday. get this. the flight lasted a few hours and the crew described it as uneventful. the search for life on mars continues with a big step forward for nasa. these pictures sent back after the curiosity rover drove through a rock on the red planet. scientists think the rock could
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hold evidence of a long lost wet environment. >> chris brown says he was trying to get away from the paparazzi when he crashed his car. he told police he was being chased when he ran his porsche into a wall in beverly hills. good thing nothing controversial ever happens to chris brown celebrations across asia as people ring in the year of the snake. lester hoe lester holt who is terrified of snakes can't believe this is the year of the snake. they are helping to usher in the lunar new year. people flooded the streets for the different festivals and all the wonderful food in college basketball, over time is fun, double o.t. is fun, thiple o.t.s is amazing and five is unheard of. wait for it. it stretched into five overtimes at regulation. sending it into the first o.t. fiveover times and a couple of
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bathroom brakes later, notre dame wins it, 104-101. >> do you know what the record is for the ncaa overtimes? >> not that game. >> not that game. actually, seven in 1981, cincinnati and bradley took it to sevenov overtimes. so this is nothing. >> they are saying they are tired after five kind of thing. bill karins is filling in for dylan this morning. he has a look at the weather forecast. another storm coming in the midwest. 8-12 inches. it soundst. it sounds like a flury compared to what we just got done with. and just south of rapid city through north platt, and the white and blue shows you the snow, and we had tornado warnings outside of dallas, and little rock area, also wet
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weather. and the snow, 6 to 12 inches north and west of minneapolis. and that's the worst of it. that'snationally. >> bright sunshine out there but a lot of spots way below the freezing mark this morning. still 19 degrees in frederick, maryland, and 21 in manassas, virginia, and 29 degrees downtown and also 27 in arlington, and 24 in fredericksburg. clear skies and cold. we should be above freezing by 9:00 or 10:00, and looking for highs to we'll talk more about the threats heading for new england later this week first lady, michelle obama, is back to the white house after attending the funeral of a 15-year-old shot and killed after performing in the inauguration parade. the visit comes as the debate over gun control heats up in washington. david gregory is moderator of
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"meet the press." good morning. >> gun control has stayed at the forefront. the president in minnesota pushing for congress to act. there was some talk about the first lady attending that funeral yesterday. where does congress stand at this point in terms of getting something done in terms of gun control? >> the sweet spot has to do with universal background checks. that's why you have a bipartisan group working. they are getting some tracks on this. huge public support for background checks. special interests are against it. this is still a much more potential area of success than trying to deal with an assault weapons ban or a magazine ban. that's how democrats are looking at it. as i talk to democratic leaders on the hill, there is a recognition that for a lot of their more conservative members in red states and folks up for re-election next year, it is going to be a tough vote to vote on an assault weapons ban this year. that may be influencing why there is sufrp a focus on background checks also, coming up this week,
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we have the state of the union on tuesday. what are we going to hear about from the president? >> a lot about the economy. let's not forget the key part of his legacy is to make the economy work better for more americans, those out of work or still struggling. we don't have robust economic growth. part is the budget. part is uncertainty that surrounds new regulations an laws. the president needs to focus on this. it is what he will do in the state of the union. he is giving that at a time when it is really the peak of his political power. this is an opportunity for him but also a limited window. so it will be interesting to hear how that agenda is as he speaks to lawmakers on tuesday. >> thank you, david. we'll be checking in with you again in ray little bit for a preview of what you have coming up. leading up to the state of the union address, nbc news is launching a special week-long look at gun violence and legislation.
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it is called "flashpoint, guns in america." it begins tonight on "nbc nightly news" with lester and you can watch president obama's state of the union address tuesday night at 9:00 eastern, 6:00 pacific right here on nbc. >> up next, will the stars really cover up for the grammy's like they are being asked to do. that's right after this. ♪ she's not famous. ♪ she's never been on a red carpet. ♪ but she's the star of my life. [ female announcer ] kay jewelers presents a new collection from hollywood's premier jewelry designer neil lane designs. my designs are inspired by hollywood's glamorous past. hand-crafted diamond rings, earrings, and necklaces with a vintage look. at kay, the number-one jewelry store in america. for the star in your life.
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♪ every kiss begins with kay tonight on the grammy awards, the perform rs are warned not to show too much skin. >> it is undeniably the most head-scratching show. this year, the 55th annual grammys bring a who new element of unpredictable. with no adele, beyonce, justin or rihanna set to sweep the
8:19 am
awards, 2013 is the year of introductions. >> there are no stand-ups this year. it is pretty much anyone's game which should make it really exciting. >> reporter: good news for rising acts like frank ocean, the alabama shake, ed shirin, an the lumineers. all nominated for a top honor. unlike the uncertainty surrounding who will take home a golden grah golden grammophone, from red carpet performances, tonight's biggest show stoppers will be talked about for years to come. >> what makes the grammy different from any other award shows, you have rock stars and rappers. they are not expected to play by any of the rules. >> reporter: according to a memo, folks at cbs would like music makers an shakers covered
8:20 am
up. be sure that buttocks and female breasts are adequately covered. avoid bare, fleshy undercurves and throng type costumes are problematic. >> with such restrictions one has to wonder, what will the grammy's become? will this or could this be the tamest grammys ever? >> the whole point is that people come in provocative outfits. it is not the oscars or the golden globes. it is the grammys, sex, drugs, rourk and roll and crazy clothing. >> the question remains, where would jennifer lopez been had she not donned that plunging gown? while wardrobes and winners remain unpredictable, you can count on show-stopping, boundary-breaking, car rek-ceer
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catapulting performances a top critic under fire for slamming melissa mccarthy for her weight. did he cross the line? first, these messages. or have lemon in my eat tomato sauce on my spaghetti. the acidic levels in some foods can cause acid erosion. the enamel starts to wear down. and you can't grow your enamel back. i was quite surprised, as only few as four exposures a day what that can do to you. it's quite a lesson learned. my dentist recommended that i use pronamel. because it helps to strengthen the enamel. he recommended that i use it every time i brush. you feel like there is something that you're doing to help safeguard against the acid erosion. and i believe it's doing a good job.
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still to come on "today," the psychology of smell. there is a science on studies like this. i found that out firsthand we're going to the dogs. a preview of the westminster dog show. but, first, these messages. in sickness and in health. tell me that i'm still the one. that you need me. that i'm your super hero! tell me you'll never let me go.
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good morning. it's sunday, february 10th,
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2013. i am richard jordan. heads up for washington abourbon sanitary customers. they could have discolored water because of a water main break, and the water is safe to drink but recommend not to use the water to prepare baby formula or wash clothes. the wssc says a contractor was working on the highway when the water main break happened. a 14-year-old boy is charged with the killing of his 7-month-old killing. jonathhnathan aguiluc was takin care of the baby while his mother was working on friday night. the teen confessed to beating and suffocating the baby when she would not stop crying. a group got in a fight in lost society on 14th and
8:28 am
northwest. no word on conditions of the victims. the caps and panthers are at it again on tuesday in florida. we will check your forecast
8:29 am
good morning. i am storm team 4 meteorologist,
8:30 am
chuck bell. a cold start today. plenty of sunshine for now but clouds are coming our way this afternoon and there is a risk of a few rain drops by midnight. highs today up in the mid-40s. enjoy. back to you, richard. >> thank you. keep it for a full hour of news and weather at we are back on a sunday morning, february 10th, 2013. we thank the people that have come to share part of their sunday morning. lester holt alongside erica hill, jenna wolfe. still to come, we are going to talk about some criticism for actress, melissa mccarthy. it comes from a critic. in the movie, the critic focuses on her weight. is it unfair? we're going to get into that coming up you have seen these
8:31 am
commercials where people are blindfolded and put them into an absolutely does gusting stinky situation. it turns out there is some real science to not only those ads but our sense of smell and how things like your sight can actually affect it. we're going to dig in deep to that one this morning. real deep. >> plus, i'm going to make you guys do that. >> that's what i was waiting for. >> then, it is that time of year. we are almost at the westminster dog show. we are going to introduce you to a couple of the most adorable breeds who will be competing this year. look how cute. they know they are on tv and they are strutting their stuff. >> if the cold air has you dreaming of a warm air, we will introduce you to some travel apps to get you out of this cold. still, a little chilly. a final check from bill karins. >> we still have concerns in new england. we have another storm coming. this time, it looks like we are going to mostly be dealing with rain. maybe the front end, a little bit monday morning, snow and
8:32 am
ice. then, primarily rain. th ice and then primarily rain, and let me take you through and see what we will deal with out there. first things first. this is how much snow is sitting on the ground and cars and roofs and buildings. the weight is incredible on the roofs. today when the sun is out, when the rain comes in on monday it will be like a sponge and it will soak it up, and that's why we could have the problems with roof collapses as we go into monday. and this is the storm we are talking about. today in the middle of the country, and watch out, we still have a tornado watch for east texas through shreveport and portions of louisiana, and we will have to watch the mardi gras festivities down there in new orleans as the strong thunderstorms roll through as we go out the day on your sunday. here is a look outside your window. >> i am storm team 4 meteorologist, chuck bell. it's a cold start on your sunday
8:33 am
morning. 25 degrees in fairfax this morning, and 26 degrees in upper marlbo marlboro. and highs today mid-40s, and tomorrow we will be near 60 for a time but there will be rain drops for the monday morning commute to work and school. be ready. you be the judge at home. it is both of your ten-year-old birthdays today. do you guys think they are twins or best friends? answer. >> best friends. >> you could have gone for twins too. i this i the moms are going to give it away. if you want your hour by hour forecast detailed, get that at lester? >> thanks very much. now to a controversy about a movie critics comments on melissa mccarthy and what society says about overweight people. >> reporter: melissa mccarthy, an emmy-award-winning actress
8:34 am
for the sitcom mike and molly and an award nominee for the 2011 movie "bridesmaids." the co her talents are on display in the movie "identity thief" having a strong opening. when the veteran critic rex read panned the movie, he zeroed in on her physical appearance, called her tractor size, female hippo and missed her career as a stud any in being obese. >> it is completely below the belt. her weight has nothing to do with the quality of the film and rex reed should be a shamed of this review. >> he said the movie is dreadful but the weight issue is the sole reason it exists. they criticize her. melissa mccarthy has some of the best timing around and all you can think about is the body type. we both know if she was a man, you wouldn't think of calling
8:35 am
her fat. her representatives wouldn't comment. last year, she told good house keeping, sometimes i wish i were just magically a size 6 and i never had to give it a single thought. but i'm weirdly healthy. so i don't beat myself up about it. >> i didn't know this was going to be this long. >> reporter: reed's review came the same week that new jersey governor, chris christie went on "david letterman" to confront the issue of his weight head-on. >> i'm basically the healthiest fat guy you have ever seen. >> reporter: leading some to wonder if weight is one of the last socially acceptable prejudices. >> i have put on a little bit of weight. >> it is still acceptable to make fun of overweight people in a way you wouldn't make efun ofa person of color or make fun of somebody because of their sexuality. >> reporter: people should be judged for more than the size of
8:36 am
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i wear a lot of hats. well, technically i wear one. the u.s. postal service®, no business too small. >> by now you v probably seen the commercials where they blindfold people and put them in these filthy-looking room which tells us they stink but the people aren't bowled over by the stench. we wanted to learn more about the science behind those adds and the $3.5 billion air scent industry. we went to philadelphia to see about that. with the commercials and campaigns, the makers of febreze try to convince you their products can mask the most offensive orders leaving people
8:40 am
misty phied. it turns out, there is serious science behind the ads and the obnoxious odors. dr. pamela dalton is a researcher at the minel chemical center. she studies the way we process smells. she asked us to show us how those spritzes and sprays can evoke so much. >> if somebody entered the room as they do in the commercial without the blindfold, they would be very bias about their expectations of what the room should smell like. >> without seeing the mess, it is almost impossible to smell it, which i found out firsthand. >> when you walked in, i smelled baby powder. >> it smells funny. >> no denying the importance of odor. >> fried fish, last night, dear. >> preferably of the pleasant variety. more than 75% of americans use air fresher.
8:41 am
annually, all household cleaners contain some type of fragrance, adding up to a $3.5 billion industry that relies not only on your nose but also on your heart. >> when i think about pine sol, i think about my youth and all the good memories i had growing up. ♪ memories are made of this >> sometimes i think of my grandmother leaning out the window hang thing the clothes on the line. kind of a nice family memory. >> reporter: it is those feelings experts say that keep people coming back for more. >> part of the brain that processes odor information is very close to the part of the brain that processes emotions and memories. it is thought that that's why there is such a tight connection between an odor that we smell and the emotion that we experience. >> reporter: while we can recognize 10,000 different odors, we don't have specific language to describe them. peppermint, cinnamon.
8:42 am
we rely on memory to put them into context. ♪ >> from fish soap to detergent, car to candles, this year, there will be hundreds of new home fragrance products promising to transport you to a happy place. >> what are some of the odors or scents right now that you are seeing more of on the market? >> things that remind you of a tropical island vacation, that actually take you to a different place mentally just by smelling it. >> sometimes that escape can happen with the most unlikely odor. >> it smells like mimi. my grandmother's. can i take this off. can i see i'm right? you made pot roast. >> pot roast probably won't make it into this year's home fragrance lineup. >> any time i smell this, i am at my grandparent's house in new hampshire. it is cold because it is wintertime but it is warm and fun insigh.
8:43 am
>> it is a powerful reminder of how connected this is to your heart. >> one of the tests they had me do. i want you guys to be my guinea pigs for. cloth close your eyes and pinch your nose. >> are the two guys doing this? >> you are all doing it. put the jelly bean in your mouth and start chewing. start first. what do you taste? >> i don't taste anything. >> do you guys taste anything besides sugar. >> let the nose go, one, two, three. >> licorice. >> glue. >> i didn't give you licorice because you hate licorice. you have watermelon. >> you get this rush as soon as you unplug your nose. i didn't want you to see it, because then you will identify it with your eyes like we talked
8:44 am
about in the piece. we only have so many taste buds. so you just taste the sugar in it. as soon as you let your nose go, you have two different pathways that the odor can come from that's in the jelly bean that you tried. you got that scent. it hit a part of your brain that reminds you, that's licorice and you have this taste. >> so what was it? >> you had watermelon. >> oh, so close. >> very cool stuff. >> we have a lot of jelly beans to eat. >> during our blizzard coverage, you might have noticed someone was missing, our own dylan dreyer. it turns out she was in a little bit of a car accident on the way to hartford to cover the storm. she is doing okay and joins us on the phone. dylan, good morning. we are glad you are resting up. >> good morning. first of all, i'm upset i'm missing out on jelly beans. >> we'll save you some. >> i was just heading to standard storm coverage, heading up to hartford. when we left new york, the roads were totally fine. it was starting to get a little
8:45 am
slippery. all of the sudden, i started tweeting pictures, because the roads were awful. then, a typical weather-related accident, we spun around. we got hit. i smashed my head against the window. i've never had a concussion before. they are not fun. >> you are mentioning you were not driving. you were tweeting. someone else was driving. >> i was tweeting from the bad seat. the roads got bad real fast. it was just one of those situati situations. any head injury, you have to take precautions. i went to the e.r. and it was said to be a minor concussion. >> what was more painful missing out on the big storm from your area or getting hit in the head? >> it was brutal. i worked in boston and for the last year i was there, we didn't have a big storm. two years before that, we had storm after storm. it was one of those things, you are tweeting all the latest information and the computer models and you are making the
8:46 am
forecast and when the big thing hits, i'm out of commission spending it in the e.r. looking at the computer made me dizzy. it was heartbreaking not to be a part of this storm. i hated that. >> i think oscar there in the park was happy you got to take him in the snow. >> we are glad you are doing better and we are looking forward to getting you back. >> thank you so much. it was a nice little treat to enjoy a snowstorm and walk around it. i'm taking it easy. >> snow angels always make you feel better. i can tell you that from personal experience. >> you were my inspiration for that. >> take care. get better. we are glad you are okay. >> thanks so much, guys. >> we're back after this. man: okay, no problem. it's easy to get started; i can help you with the paperwork. um...this green line just appeared on my floor. yeah, that's fidelity helping you reach your financial goals. could you hold on a second? it's your money. roll over your old 401(k) into a fidelity ira and take control of your personal economy. this is going to be helpful. call or come in today.
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this morning on "today's"
8:49 am
travel, the websites and apps that are revolutionizing a trip. travel and leisure with some favorites. what are some of the first you have? >> it is called back bid. this is to find a great deal on a hotel. does this have low telhotels bin you? >> you nailed it. you talk about the day you want and the star and quality and the maximum you are willing to pay. what happens then, the partners of backbid, the hotel partners, send you their lowest rate. i just did this for a trip to chicago. within two hours of my placing my trip, i got nine results back. i said i wanted to spend a maximum of $150. i got a four star hotel downtown chicago for $84. i can choose whichever one i want. it is a great, great way to save
8:50 am
money. >> $84 for a four-star hotel. the next one is called tingo. this is if you have made the reservation but you are thinking there is maybe a better deal. >> this is the problem that if you book a hotel you think, would i have gotten a better deal if i would have waited a few days. tingo does the worrying for you. after you make the reservations on them, they will search consistently every day and hour to see if you get the better rate. they will refund the difference to your credit card. >> you have to book it through tingo. >> yes. >> pintrips, of course, has become a huge thing. this is pintrips. how does this work? >> you go on pintrips and use that to search for your airfare on nine or ten different sites. once you find an airfare that
8:51 am
you like, you pin it, you select it. it goes automatically into a folder you can refer to. if you have ever had to go back and try to find a great airfare you found yesterday, it is impossible to find it again. it will be right there automatically updates the airfare. >> seatguru, we all want a good seat by i which is not only more difficult but more expensive. >> airlines are selling the best seats in coach at a higher price, the ones in the exit rows or right up by the front. it is more important than ever to know where your seat is going to be choosing the best one. they will show you a seat map of your flight, your plane, that will tell you in green which are the best seats to choose enter. they will have yellow seats if there is something wrong. the fuselage curves back so you don't have quite as much elbow room or if you are in the last row, the seat doesn't recline. it shows you all of these. you can go back and choose the best seat. >> perfect.
8:52 am
>> finally, flightaware. i know a number of people that swear by this. >> if you have got tonight airport and found that their flight got delay laed and you h to spend a couple hours waiting. even the e-mails from the airlines don't give you the most up to date information. you can download flightaware on to your mobile device, find out what time the flight left and it shows you exactly where is it is at any given time and tells you when that plane is reasonably x expekted to land. >> i love it. >> i love it too. we'll be right back. first, these messages. but there are some things i've never seen before. this ge jet engine can understand 5,000 data samples per second. which is good for business. because planes use less fuel, spend less time on the ground and more time in the air. suddenly, faraway places don't seem so...far away.
8:53 am
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the 137th annual westminster dog show starts tomorrow here in new york city. sean mccarthy is the president of the westminster kennel club here with some competitors making their debut. good morning. great to have you here. >> great to be here. >> love when the dog show is in town. it is one of my favorites. you brought two dogs today who are new competitors. the breed competing for the first time. a russell terrier and a.
8:56 am
>> tree walker coonhound. >> tell me why they are allowed to compete. >> dogs can compete once they are registered with the akc. this is the first year that both the coophou the coonhound and the terrier were recognized. >> there is a chance for each of their breeds. what are their chances in this year's show? >> i think we should ask candace and amanda. >> you both think their chances are pretty good. >> yes, i'm confident. >> what do they look for in a dog like this, sean? >> you know, each breed has a standard of excellence that describes the perfect dog in that breed. so a judge takes a look at the particular breed and sees how closely they conform to that, both in their looks, their head, their confirmation, how they
8:57 am
move, and that's how they assess one dog. >> what's the dog's name? >> et cetera. >> and then this is -- let's walk over. you mentioned russell terrier. i had always heard jack russell terrier. same dog or no? >> they are very closely related. there are two recognized breeds that are very similar, the parsons jack russell, which is already recognized, the taller version and the russell terrier. the russell terrier originates from australia, and the parsons jack russell originates from england. >> that's one of the other ways that you distinguish between the two of them. >> what's the grooming like? how often and is there a standard for the hair on the front of the face? >> this is called stripping where we have to pull out the dead hairs and you roll the coat, which means if you do it weekly, you will get different hair links and keeps a good weather resistant coat, which is
8:58 am
what the russell terrier is supposed to have. >> do you trim the eyebrows? >> this is natural. you shorten it on the head. you leave the long hair on the legs to protect them, because it is supposed to be a working breed, hunting through the brush. it is an earth working terrier. >> sean, thanks for bringing the dogs. thanks to our handlers as well. have fun. it is going to be a great week. >> we're excited. if people want to come during the day, it's at pier 92 and 94, 55th street and the west side highway. >> the 2013 westminster dog show starts monday at 8:00, on cnbc on tuesday. let's check in with david gregory. >> we hear from both sides, the majority leader, eric cantor and dick durbin. a big political week coming up on the debate over drones. it is all coming up this morning on "meet the press." >> david, thanks.
8:59 am
that does it for us on this sunday morning. nice to have you with us. >> i'll see you back here tonight for "nbc nightly news." have a great day, everyone! good luck to our competitors. >>. right now a. brand-new weather system moving in that could create a mess for the monday morning commute. >> and a live look as the big digout continues as the northeast blizzard of 2013. ahead efforts to clear roads and restore power to those left in the cold. and the police and singer chris brown, and it's shocking, and flabbergasted, can't believe this. >> and welcome, it's sunday february 10th,


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